Our Story

The story of every company begins somewhere. We're Lindy and Ben and our story started just like every other young family. With a toddler at home and no grand plan for life, we were just taking it day-by-day, like most other young families we knew. Both of us were working full-time jobs to make ends meet, but it always seemed to be a small miracle that the bills got paid by the end of the month. 

When the future of Lindy's company suddenly became cloudy, we decided it was time to come up with a new plan. We agreed that we didn’t want her to just go find a better job, because we didn’t want to continue to leave our kid each and every day. So we had to build something that’d work for us. We put our heads together and drafted a business plan to start our own company.

We both had marketing and sales backgrounds, and because of our two-year-old son at home, we had both quickly become familiar with baby clothing and accessories. So we set out to create a kids apparel brand for the modern family - and we decided to call it The Lucky Cub.

The goal of our brand is to create iconic designs and patterns that bring a smile to the faces of the little ones who wear our snapbacks, t-shirts, and other apparel.